Established by Hagop Antreassian,

an Armenian ceramic artist,

born in 1944 in Jerusalem. 

He founded his studio in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City in 1980.

 Antreassian Ceramics provides handmade and unique

Jerusalemite-Armenian ceramic tiles and pottery that enhance a home's value while delivering beauty and functionality.

The inspiration for the motifs and designs throughout Hagop's collection of artworks come from the delicate and unique illuminations found in ancient Armenian manuscripts and intricate designs from old architectural structures.


The process of how Hagop Antreassian designs, hand-paints, glazes and fires a vase at his

studio for armenian ceramics in Jerusalem.


contact us

+972 2 626 3871

Location: 13 Zion Gate Street, The Armenian Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

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