"Sis Red" is a collector's item tile by Antreassian Ceramics, hand-painted and hand glazed by the Armenian artist Hagop Antreassian in his atelier in the Old City of Jerusalem. Using lead free and under glaze colors on clay. The motifs on this piece are inspired by illustrations from old Armenian Illuminated manuscripts and stone carvings from medieval Armenian architectural structures and old traditional Armenian ceramic artworks. 



The piece in the photo is a sample, new pieces will be hand-painted and shipped to you upon your order. The motifs and colors may slightly vary.


15cm and 20cm designs are made on 1 tile. (when typing 1 in the quantity box you are ordering 1 tile as seen in the first priduct image.) 

30cm and 40cm designs are made on 4 tiles. (when typing 1 in the quantity box for a 30cm or a 40cm design you are ordering 4 tiles that hold one full design as seen in the second product image.)  

T1 Red Armenian Ceramic Tile

Color: Red
  • STEP 1

    Measure the length and the width of the area that you want to cover with tiles. (e.g. 


    STEP 2